All-English Online, Part 1- English Numbers, 1 – 10

Part 1 of 7 parts (10 videos) now on YouTube, from my creation, The All-English CD 1 and accompanying colorsheets. Get free colorsheets at

Get free audio at Jamendo– or Search for All-English at

English Numbers 1 – 10 ,


los nombres 1 hasta 10 en ingles,

les nombres entre 1 et 10 en anglais.

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Shifting my career at the age of 40- my aim is to improve myself, my environment, and my society, and inspire and support others to do the same. I am charting my progress through my blog and youtube channel, as well as writing and creating music for the pleasure of sharing my thoughts and songs with the world. My current goal is creating a vegan take-out eatery located within an outdoor/indoor recreation berry farm. Support me at Patreon:
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